SpatialPointer not registering target object on some layer?

I am testing the new Input System Primary Spatial Pointer [SpatialPointerDevice] in a small scene, and I am encountering an issue when building for the simulator: when the collider I am “pinching” is on the layer “Default”, I am able to get the target object of the SpatialPointerState. However, if I change the layer of the collider to something custom, it looks like I do not get any targetObject from the SpatialPointerState.

Is the issue known? Or is it coming from my detection system ?


For input to register the object must have a collider

For colliders transferred from Unity to RealityKit there is a layer mask in PolySpatial Settings called Collider Objects Layer Mask make sure the custom layer you are setting the collider to is in this layer mask.

Thank you, this was what I was missing!

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