SpatialPointerDevice not listed in Input Action Binding Properties

I’m trying to configure an Action in a newly created Input Actions asset.

In the Action’s Binding Properties, I selected “Other” from the list of paths, but “SpatialPointerDevice” is not included in the following list.

(VisionOSSpatialPointerDevice was present, however.)

However, “SpatialPointerDevice” was included in the PolySpatialInputActions.inputactions asset in the Sample Projects.

How can I make “SpatialPointerDevice” appear in the newly created Input Actions asset as well?

I’d first check Project Settings > Input System Package > Supported Devices list to ensure that list is either empty, or the spatial pointer device is added to the list.

Thanks for the reply!
I took your point and tried the following, but without the desired result.

In the Unity Project Settings under Input System Package, the Supported Devices list was empty. Therefore, I added SpatialPointerDevice to the list.

After this addition, when I opened the list of paths in the Binding Properties for an Action, the options under SpatialPointerDevice were automatically expanded

However, in the case of the PolySpatialInputActions.inputactions from the Sample Projects, the contents under Other > SpatialPointerDevice expanded, indicating a different behavior (as shown in image).

Initially, for the PolySpatialInputActions.inputactions in the Sample Projects, SpatialPointerDevice was already available without needing any configuration in the Project Settings > Input System Package > Supported Devices list.

How can I replicate the behavior observed with PolySpatialInputActions.inputactions in my project?

I’ve resolved the issue myself.

By changing the action type and control type in the Action Properties, the SpatialPointerDevice now appears in the list.

My apologies for the oversight and any inconvenience caused.