SpatialPointerState.interactionPosition returning (NaN, NaN, NaN)

We are attempting to add a view transition for a splash screen integration. We’ve overridden UnityVisionOSSettings.swift to launch into a custom view, then on completion of that view launch into PolySpatialContentViewWrapper. We are required to do this for our game.

This seems to work correctly, but after doing that SpatialPointerState.interactionPosition just returns (NaN, NaN, NaN) for all touch events. We have input actions setup in our action map for Pinch with /primarySpatialPointer, events are received correctly, the interationPosition just does not work after integrating that view change in UnityVisionOSSettings.

This does not affect simulator, it only happens on device. We are on 0.7.1 packages and Unity 2022.3.15.

Anyone else see issues with interactionPosition with or without the changes we’ve done? Any ideas on how to get around this?

We were able to reproduce this issue in a sample project. IN-66803

Included in that report are steps on how to override UnityVisionOSSettings and see the issue inside the Debug Input sample scene.

Upgrading Unity to 2022.3.18 and PS packages to 1.0.3 appears to have fixed this issue for us.