spawn 1 enemy and once destroyed spawn another=

new to coding and hoping someone could help
I’m trying to spawn a enemy , then once destroy another enemy will be spawned…and so on this is what i got so far

public GameObject spawnee;
public float spawnTime;
public float spawnDelay;
int maxEnemies = 1;
public static int enemyCounter = 0;
// Use this for initialization
void Start()
InvokeRepeating(“SpawnObject”, spawnTime, spawnDelay);

public void SpawnObject()
if (enemyCounter < maxEnemies)
Instantiate(spawnee, transform.position, transform.rotation); enemyCounter++;



You can use the OnDestroy method which is called before a game object is destroyed.

What you have done is spawn gameobjects after same time so there might be a delay in spawning the gameobject.

A better way would be to spawn enemies from the enemy that is currently destroyed. Use the OnDestroy() method to detect when the enemy is actually destroyed(Gameobject) and then call a function to Spawn(Instantiate) as many enemies as you want.

Hope this helps.