Spawn A Set Amount of Objects at Set Location

I have been all over the internet trying to figure this out. I have 13 fruit, and I want them to spawn where the watermelon is. I want the watermelon to have a 12/86 chance of spawning, the strawberry 11/86 chance of spawning, and etc. I want to make it so every 2 seconds it spawns an object at that set location(where the watermelon is)and the fruit will fall in case you where wonder. Thank you in advance. Script is appreciated.


public GameObject spawnPoint;

public GameObject watermelon;
public GameObject strawberry;
public GameObject apple;


void spawnFruit()
int whichFruit = Random.Range(1,100);
GameObject thatFruit;

if (whichFruit > 10) thatFruit=strawberry;
if (whichFruit > 20) thatFruit=watermelon;

Instantiate(thatFruit, spawnPoint, Quaternion.identity);


Something like that should work. Just assign a gameObject where you want the spawn point to be and your fruits as gameObjects. In game you just have to call the spawnFruit function.