Spawn "n" Enemies Every "nth" Wave?

So I have my game spawning one kind of enemy every wave, and each wave, there are 5 more then last time, so Wave 1 has 5 enemies, Wave 2 has 10 enemies, etc. I’m not too familiar with arrays and I think that’s how I would have to go about solving this, but have no idea where to begin…

I want to be able to make 5 of the simple enemies spawn every wave until the 5th wave, then on the 6th wave, it would reset so that only 5 of the simple enemies appeared, but then another kind of enemy spawned as well. It would look kind of like this:

Wave:              Simple Enemies:             Dangerous Enemy:
1                   5                          0
.                  10                          0
.                  15                          0
.                  20                          0
5                  25                          0
6                   5                          1
7                  10                          2

Thanks so much!

If you want to see the script I have so far, it’s here:

Try having an array of symbolic ‘wave’ objects, each of which has information about what should be spawned that wave. Then, you can set them up in the inspector and have your waves spawn correctly!

class SpawnWave
    var weakEnemies : int;
    var strongEnemies : int;

var waves : SpawnWave[];

Then, when the time comes to spawn enemies for a given wave number, do this-

var currentWave : SpawnWave = waves[currentWaveNumber];

for (var i = 0; i < currentWave.weakEnemies; i++)
    // Spawn a weak enemy!
for (var i = 0; i < currentWave.strongEnemies; i++)
    // Spawn a strong enemy!