Spawn object with time difference

So we are making this fish game where a bunch of “Enemy fish” will appear on the screen from the right side and the Player fish will have to avoid them by moving up & down. Now the problem occurs when we are trying to spawn those enemy fishes.

void SpawnEnemy(){

   Instantiate(prefab, new Vector3(25, Random.Range(1,20), 0), Quaternion.identity);


int NextEnemySpawnTime = 0;
int EnemySpawnRate = 5;

void Update(){

    if((int)Time.time == NextEnemySpawnTime)){

         NextEnemySpawnTime = (int)Time.time + EnemySpawnRate;


The idea was to create enemy fish every five seconds, but when we run this a whole bunch of cubes (enemy fishes) floods the screen. How can we make the Update function to call SpawnEnemy() function exactly every five seconds? We’re bunch of newbies, any help/suggestion is appreciated.

The easiest way to solve your problem would be to use InvokeRepeating(). In Start(), just do:

InvokeRepeating("SpawnEnemy", 0.0f, 5.0f);

You don’t need any of the code you are currently using in Update() if you use InvokeRepeating().

Ok so the problem was I was attaching this script to the object I wanted to re-spawn. So it was creating a copy of itself and that copy was making a copy and so on… this was like a chain reaction, hence I ended up with lots of objects than I meant to.

To fix this problem I created an Empty object and attached this script to that Empty Object fixed the problem :slight_smile: