Spawn objects with MIDI file

I’m trying to spawn objects based on the notes in a MIDI file. I’ve looked through various libraries and asset packs and am still hopelessly confused. I’m looking to parse a MIDI file for the timing of note events so that I can spawn objects in-time with the music. It would be an added bonus to know the pitch of each note.

Any help would be really really appreciated and I promise my grandchildren will sing songs of your generosity :wink:

Hi @gutsmang

This is a pretty broad question, but I have been working on a similar type of situation recently and I could point you in the right direction.

Where I am at now took many hours of research, but here is some helpful info and links to get you started if you are still looking for this information:

GitHub link to a set of very helpful midi libraries that do what you need:

Also, this specific thread helped me figure out how to get the midi notes “drawn” to the screen in a very basic way in the style of a midi piano roll:

Dig into those for a while and you can accomplish what you are looking for.
Good luck!