Spawn Prefab or FBX model after import?

I need to dynamically spawn more than 3000 objects at runtime, the objects will come from around 50-100 different FBX files which are imported.

These often change/gets updated while we develop on this project, so I have a lot of manual drag’n’drop to Prefabs.

My question is:

If all we do with the Prefabs is Resource.Load, there is no extra scripts or anything within them. Do we need Prefabs at all or can we spawn/initiate the objects directly? and - better yet, is there a performance issue for less objects = less complexity or is it worse without the Prefab?

Note: the level is loaded from a large SQL-db, including a list of which objects (Prefabs is equal to which spawnobject).

I’ve found my answer myself and posted how I did it.


We build our own sort of Prefabs inside a Prefab editor now. It saves the structures inside our own custom AssetManagement SQL-database thingy.

So when we parse the SQL structures, we can instantiate the objects in hierachy simulating a Prefab programatically and there is no need to boot Unity to fix a Prefab, so we can easily build loads of these across multiple clients.