Spawn Shield to all objects

Hi all, I have 3 objects in my game (that move around randomly). What I am trying to do is when you buy the shield upgrade in the shop it adds a shield to each one.

My script so far adds the shields at each objects current position when you buy it in the shop but then the shields just stay where they instantiated not stayed attached to the objects, can anyone help to make each shield object then follow the object it spawned on?

private var ray : Ray;
private var rayCastHit : RaycastHit;
var buySound : AudioClip;
var buy_effect : GameObject;		//buy effect
var tick : GameObject;
var locked : GameObject;
var plus2 : GameObject;
var player : GameObject;		//The player
public var respawnPrefab: GameObject;
public var respawns: GameObject[];

function Start(){

		//Find jiji_standard
		//jiji = GameObject.Find("jiji_standard");
		//Find jiji_standard 1
		//jiji1 = GameObject.Find("jiji_standard 1");

		//Find jiji_standard 2
		//jiji2 = GameObject.Find("jiji_standard 2");

		//Find player
		player = GameObject.Find("Player"); = false;

function Update(){


ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay (Input.mousePosition);

if (Physics.Raycast (ray, rayCastHit)){

if( == "shield" && == false){

//crate buy effect at point of hit = true;

audio.PlayOneShot(buySound); = true;


plus2.collider.enabled = false; 
		respawns = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("jiji_standard");
	for (var respawn: GameObject in respawns) {

		Instantiate(respawnPrefab, respawn.transform.position, respawn.transform.rotation);


GameObject instance = Instantiate(respawnPrefab, respawn.transform.position, respawn.transform.rotation);


something like this?

You are probably looking for this :