Spawning an object on the right side of another object

How would I go about getting the right (or left,top,bottom) side of an object, so I can create/place an object using those coordinates? The trick is this needs to work regardless of the object's orientation. Thanks in advance.

the Transform class has these vectors already, transform.right ( or up or forward ), which is a unit vector, you only need to multiply it by a distance; something like

Instantiate( prefab, transform.position + ( transform.right * distance), transform.rotation );

this should give you the instantiated object 'distance' units to the right of the object; and will be relative to your transform

eduardo's answer is correct. just as an additional note, if you want to get the width/height/depth of the object's collider and if your object has a collider then you can use the Collider.Bounds properties. it will give you the center and size and min/max values of the bounding volume of the collider. it might be helpful when you want to place objects near each other and don't want to have the colliders colliding with each other.