Spawning Objects in the Mixed Reality Application

I want to know if there is any way possible that I can spawn things on a particular place like, in Quest3 I can spawn an object on a wall or on floor through the MRUK plugin. so. just wondering if there is something for Vision Pro so that I can do the same thing.

Yes, visionOS provides classifications for surfaces and the mesh. If you check out the MixedReality scene in the package samples there is script that shows UI labeling the plane data.


 void OnBoundaryChanged(ARPlaneBoundaryChangedEventArgs eventArgs)
      m_ClassificationText.text = m_Plane.classification.ToString();
      m_AlignmentText.text = m_Plane.alignment.ToString();

       transform.position =;

You can create an object and subscribe the the ARPlaneManager Boundary Changed events to find a plane that matches the classification you’re looking for.

oh , will check that out Now , Thank You !!