Spawning the Same Random Deck of Cards On All Clients

Hi i’m Making a multiplayer/singleplayer card game,the singleplayer is already done ,now im trying to turn it to multiplayer.
i have a Prefab Dealer that contain a script that Instatiate 52 cards Randomly.
i tried everything and some of my problems where:

    1_each client will have a different deck;
    2_or the Deck will only Appear on the host only ;

I tried to put it in the Registered Spawnable Prefabs and tried to registred on the CLients and it didnt worked.

could it work with [ClientRpc]? if yes please inform me.
this is the Deck Script that just instantiate the 52 cards(Of the singlePlayer) i want to be able to spanw the same cards on all Clients :

Check out