Spawning UI Instances of Prefab within the UI canvas

I’m currently trying to spawn a UI prefab I created within it’s appropriate location in the Hierarchy, as to prevent the GUI to go haywire from first spawning the UI element outside of the UI canvas and then transferring it into it’s appropriate location.

That said, my current solution works in the sense that it creates it and spawns it, but due to some unknown reason to me, it is spawning as a MASSIVE UI element. Here is the current code for the UI element’s spawn procedure.

public class characterCreationData : MonoBehaviour {

	public GameObject characterSheet;
	public GameObject initiativeList;

	public void createCharacter()

		GameObject created = Instantiate(characterSheet);

		created.transform.localPosition =;


Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

The size of the UI element will depend very much on the Canvas with which it is parented under - and also the method with which the UI is scaled (e.g. are the anchors etc. designed to fill its parent space - or is it set to specific widths and height?) - in which case, the x,y,z SCALE of your parent and/or prefab will also factor into this.

Need more info.