Speaker symbol of an audio source remains ON during actual game play

Hello friends,
i have given an audio source to camp fire, but once i hit the play button, the speaker symbol remains in the game. It should dis-appear once i hit PLAY button. Anyway to get rid of this speaker symbol while actual gameplay???

Its kind of annoying to see a speaker hanging on the camp fire.

Thank you guys,

Turns out you can turn Gizmos on and off in the Game window, and the speaker symbol is a Gizmo. On the window bar it says “Maximize on Play” “Stats” and “Gizmos”. Click on Gizmos to turn them all on or all off, or selectively turn them off and on from the dropdown menu.

Perhaps you’re looking at the scene view rather than the game view?

The Gizmo button above the Game View can be toggled on (highlighted) or off, to show/hide gizmos during game play, by pressing it (not the small arrow).

Click on Gizmos above the game view. In the drop down there is 3D icons slider. use it to minimize or maximize the icons. hope it helps.

nomanbangash97 guidance is wonderful. Minimize the 3D icon. Thank you a lot.