Spear throwing with HTC Vive


I’m a beginner in Unity but please bear with me.

I’m playing with Unity and HTC Vive. I’ve created a simple scene where you can pick up a spear and then throw it. Now the problem is - the physics of the spear don’t really match a spear - it rotates around the axis perpendicular to the length of the spear. I was wondering how I can set it up so that the tip has all the weight and it carries the momentum of the throw.
I have already tried changing the centre of mass of the RigidBodyObject and that changes the behaviour slightly, but there’s still no momentum.
The speed and movement of the spear comes only from the Vive controller.

I’ll be grateful for your help.


Transform.forward = rigidbody.velocity

I would suggest making the center of your transform that has the rigid body be at the tip of the spear and having. Also it could be a problem with the script that is handling the throwing. Did you write your own throwing code or use someone else’s?

Maybe you can give clamp function for the spear? So it’s not rotate many times like in your picture