Specific wall running (climb) system help?

How do I develop a 3D vertical wall running system?

Details: Hello, I am using the Third Person Movement pack as the prototype for my game. I have a character that moves really fast, and I want them to be able to run up walls and down walls when the player is sprinting and be able to fall off the wall if they stop moving or performing a jump off animation stops the wall climb. I’ve determined the camera will need to rotate based on the player’s forward direction since the player will rotate so their feet is now on the wall (floor) when sprinting. Once they stop, the desired effect is to rotate the player back to normal so they can keep moving on the ground. I was able to achieve this in Unreal Blueprints and custom C++ using wall normals and character rotation on a line trace, but I had to switch the project to Unity3D due to issues with other mechanics for my game. Any help would be great for this!