Specs to keep whie making a PC game?

Im a NOOB…I want the game to run on the average computer.

I want to create a free roam, FPS, multiplayer(1-6 players) game for average PCs. There will be a city for a good chunk of the map, but the most models are not very detailed, just textured with actual building images. There will be around 100-200 people that move around and interact with you. There will be lots of cars, but none that move (dont ask…)

Anyway, the terrian size I have now is 2000 width, 2000 length, and 600 hight.

  1. Will this run good on a PC? Is it too big?
  2. What kind of specifications do I need to hold to in order for it to run well?
  3. How do I find my game specs thus far?
  4. Can you use a xbox controller on PC for my game without licences and such?
  5. Does lag(from models) in editor typically mean there will be lag in game?

Thanks guys!

The short answer is “that’s fine” but the long answer is, you may need to be careful and clever about resources and rendering and textures and LOD’s and shaders, oh my! That that is the art and science of game building.

It all depends how detailed all that stuff is. Those 100-200 people are bots right? What’s their meshes look like, what’s their AI like?

Just start making it. When you run into trouble, ask questions here and at forums.unity3d.com

One thing I would say, to keep it low-spec machine, is limit your textures to 512x512 in size. That should cover most graphics cards going back a few years.

A cheap way is to mock-up some useless but expensive code, models and textures.

Have each model be a cube subdivided 12 times, to get a high poly count. Use thirty 2048x2048 noise textures. Spawn random buildings in a grid with a nested loop. Have the NPC’s script make 3 random raycasts each frame and then find the closest other NPC (for no reason except to see if it can keep 30fps.) Put 4 particle emitters on the fake building prefab. … .

To see how it will “really” run, use Build&Run from the top-left menu.