Specular problem

Hey, I’ve been reading a lot of threads about adding specularity maps, but I can’t seem to get mine to work.
In the images below you can see the shader and the alpha channel I’ve set up. I read somewhere that the photoshop file needs to be saved as 32bits (mine is 8 bits atm) but when I change it to 32 Image/Mode/32 Bits Channel, unity will no longer accept it. Thanks.[5805-screen+shot+2012-12-15+at+2.40.58+pm.png|5805]

i couldn’t get mine to work with png either. i changed to TGA and it worked perfectly. maybe change the format of the image as i did? png’s work within 3ds max for alpha channel but when saving in photoshop it won’t allow me to tick save alpha channel. so yeah, use TGA instead!