Specular problems with shader graph materials on iOS/Android

As illustrated in the image I’m having problems with specular highlights getting very over-exposed and having what looks like low precision artifacts when running on an iOS or Android device. The two screenshots are of the exact same objects in the same lighting and the same location, only in the editor and on the device.

I’m using Unity 2019.1.2 with the light weight render pipeline, and this happens with any Shader Graph-based material. Does anyone know what could be causing this, or how to get around it?

The light used is a single directional light, there are no normal maps or texture maps at all used in this example that could be compressed in an unfortunate way.

After some more testing it seems this is indeed related specifically to the Shader graph materials. Testing together with a Light weight render pipeline Lit shader (blue cube) only the shader graph material (red cube) get the exaggerated highlights on the device.

Anyone experience anything similar? Any way to get around this problem, since I’d really like to use Shader graph and not need to convert my materials back to use the basic shaders.