Speech to text

Hello guys,

I am searching about speech to text and Speech Recognition in unity.
I already read all questions and foruns about it, I found a plugin from AT&T and it worked fine in english, but I need to work with brazilian portuguese. I found a plugin that works, but only for Android, and I need to build it for Webplayer. I found a guy that used a server to make it work (also in English), but I can not use a server in my project.

Do you know something that can help me? I really need to make it work in portuguese and for Webplayer. I am still trying to make it work with the plugin from AT&T, but i am still looking for other ideas .

Thank you!

Sounds like you know more about this area than most of us. :slight_smile: Webplayers cannot use external native plugins, so any solution you find will need to be pure c-sharp assemblies.

Hi @Dalmar
Can you share the code or the plugin for speech to text for the android platform???

Thanks in advance