Speed button for animations?

Total rube to scripting and struggling but surviving, mainly an artist. Have several looped animations that the user can choose from and watch but how do I give the user the option in changing the animation's to gradually speed up or down? Thanks!!!

Take a look at the reference for Animation:

// Make all animations in this character play at half speed
for (var state : AnimationState in animation) {
  state.speed = 0.5;

You can use UNITY GUI to make some nifty buttons. make sure you define your animation state by either calling it every frame or make it a drag and drop variable for the editor.

not sure if all this will work as you want.

// use to define your Animation state. can be on a separate script but // make sure you make the variable GLOBAL.

var state : AnimationState;    

function OnGUI() {   // GUI related needs to be created in this function.

if (GUI.Button(Rect(10,10,50,50),"SlowDown")) //If you click on the GUI button
                                              // that reads "slowdown"

   state.speed = 0.5;  // slow down animation speed by half.