hello i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing and I need to know how to script a speed increase and an explosion on point. Here what I'm dealing with, i have a air hockey game and I'm trying to get the puck to increase in speed (up to a point) everytime it hits something or is hit by a paddle, I would also like the puck to leave a small explosion behind it when it is hit. I have no idea how to do this, please help.

I reccomend you to check out a part of the FPS tutorial it explains how to make an explosion on the impact point!

Good luck with your project i hope i helped ya!

Like DarkHype says, there're pretty good tutorials for this.

The specific function you need is AddExplosionForce You can find the contact point of the collision with this

I think for your hockey game you'd want to spawn the explosive force at the contact point