speed * Time.deltaTime = 0?

Hello, I have a strange problem, I’am trying to make something rotate in the OnGUI void. But when I try to use “speed * Time.deltaTime” the float value gets 0. Here is my code:

if(GUI.RepeatButton(new Rect(0, (Screen.height / 2) - (rightButtonAverage / 2), rightButtonAverage, rightButtonAverage), "", GUIRight)) {

	transform.Rotate(0, RotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0);

If I print the “RotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime” it says that the value is 0 and it doesn’t rotate, but when I delete the Time.deltaTime part, it works, although it goes faster when the game’s FPS number is bigger.

Thanks, Andreas

Time.deltaTime is very small. On average it is 1/(frame rate). For 60 FPS, it would be about .017. So your RotationSpeed needs to be fairly large. It should be the degrees per second you want the object to rotate, so try a value like 90.