Speed up a simulation game like Sims, animation issue

Hi, guys. I want to speed up the whole game like when you are playing the Sims. However, there are several models imported from Maya which I cannot speed up the animation of them as I speed up the timer. I count the time using WaitForSeconds, when one time step reached, the timer will added by one. After speeding up, I minimized the time step and I want the whole game speed up at the same scale. I found out that the animation is framerate based and will rely on the processing speed of the hardware, and my game ends when all the animation ends. So every time I run my game, my timer will give me a different value because of the “random” speed of the animation. Anyone has any idea?

Time.timeScale allows you to alter the rate at which time passes. Maybe give that a try?

As an alternative, you might be able to manually control your animations via the time or speed properties of the various AnimationStates associated with them (see Animation script reference and component manual).