Speed up and iteratively simulate a game in unity?

Hi all,

Currently i have a functioning Tower Defence game. I plan to work on game balancing and i wanted to have my game run a lot of times while changing values and finally collect and alalyze the results.

Is it possible, through code, to make the game run faster and have it run a lot times? Are there any high chances that there will be crashes or will it be way too resource demanding making it a bad idea?

I already have taken a look at time.timescale but in the documentation the only speak about low values.

Yeah, setting Time.timescale way up is totally possible, and it works exactly as you’d expect. You probably looked at Time.timeScale in the scripting API docs, but you should have a look at the Time Manager page in the manual as well.

From personal experience, setting timescale way up to run tests rapidly works very well if you’re not using physics to move things. If you’re talking about physics-based bodies, differences in how often the physics is calculated for every update frame could make your entities behave slightly differently.

With a TD game, physics is probably not an issue, so you should be fine.