SpeedTree billboard bug

EDIT - I upgraded to 5.4b16 and it seemed to fix the problem....did not see anything in release notes but I am glad it is fixed.

I upgraded to 5.4 to attempt and help my batching problem with Speed Tree, however it made it much worse, In 5.3 with 3 different types of trees, only using billboards with around 400 trees, was costing me about 20 batches, with smooth lod off, trees marked static, and I checked all player settings, I still thought 20 batches was to much, I was expecting around 3-6. Anyways after upgrading to 5.4 instead of getting less, I am now getting around over 190 drawcalls for the same amount of trees! I will attach screenshots.

With all billboard trees over 200 batches ?!
Without trees only 15 batches!!!

Anybody know the problem?

Better instancing for SpeedTrees hasn't been introduced into the 5.4 beta release yet. I'm not sure what's making it worse, but the improvements for SpeedTree aren't in place as far as I know.

Great, do you have any idea when that will be introduced into 5.4 ?

I suppose I should submit a bug report with attached project?

I don't unfortunately have an idea of when it will be introduced. Hopefully soon though!

Hey Danny, thanks for the reply, did you see my forum post about billboard scaling? If you have any idea what it could be that would be awesome because its pretty game breaking atm. Thanks!