Speedtree unity import error

Im get an error when im importing my trees for the speedtree modeler for unity in to unity. This is the error “speedtree file does not contain runtime data”. I have follow the importing models into unity tutorial and still no luck. I also found an old post where someone was have the same issue and no luck. I have try reinstalling two times as well as reinstall the vcredist_x86 file as said to do on the old post and still no luck.

(The full error is “SpeedTree file does not contain run-time data. Be sure to re-save it using the Unity-specific version of the SpeedTree Modeler.”)

My unity (5.5.1f1) and speedtree (7.17) are up to date.


Did you ever get this sorted out? Having the same problem!

Hi, try to assign a material to your tree on Speedtree if you do not already have one. it works for me.