Speedtree with Lightmap Static generating black trees

I have been having a problem with these trees in a game i’m working on, so i started a new project with 2 speedtree prefabs dropped onto a terrain from the environment assets package. 2 of these have the Lightmap Static checked and they have bad lighting as to the one in the middle.

The Lighting settings are at their default values as are the trees. Does anyone have any suggestions to what i can do to correct this?

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution to this?

This is what I found and haven’t tested it yet but will be sure to try it out. In the unity docs Unity - Manual: SpeedTree
It show all the setting you can toggle for the speeed tree asset. I’m assuming because speed tree uses wind it can’t be a static object and since there is a option to use light probes I’m assuming it would get the proper lighting from the probes. If you have lots of the same tree I would assume again you can you static batching? And use the light probes to properly light the trees?