Sphere Collider doesn't move after collision with Character Controller

Hello there!
I discovered some problems with a sphere collider. I’m developing a 2D Game. I have a Plane with some sprites on it as a character (with a Character Controller collider) and some small planes on the floor with a Sphere collider. The object get initiated above the ground and fall then to their place.

My problem is, that when my character runs against these items they won’t move. Only if they hit another item they start to slightly move and can be pushed by the character.

I don’t know how to explain it better… maybe you’ll have a look at the Scene?

Character controllers are not Rigidbodies, so if you want something to move on a hit with a character controller, you need to code the movement. Typically you would code this with OnControllerColliderHit(). There is sample source at this link for moving objects based on a hit.