Sphere Rigidbody refuses to Bounce with Transform


It’s been a while since I worked with physics within Untiy. I’m trying to get a sphere that I am controlling (via transform handles in Editor currently), to influence a bounce of another sphere that I am colliding with. When I nudge the right sphere, I don’t get any bounce feedback at all (only until it hits the wall). See gif below;


  • My spheres are 0.2 in size (size is required due to other external constraints).

  • Both spheres have a physics material applied, with the following collider and rigids;


  • In settings > physics, I’ve set the Bounce Threshold to 0.00001, and Fixed Timestep to 0.001.
  • I don’t understand what else I am missing?

The end result is to use a LeapMotion hand tracking to be able to interact with the spheres, and make them bounce around (hence the size of 0.2 constraints)

When you move an object manually in the editor, it doesn’t have any velocity and behaves more like a teleport. As a result collisions don’t work properly with physics and the effects won’t be as you expect. To get the bounce effect, you need to set the velocity of the nudging ball rather than moving it in the editor.