Sphere with Attach Transform?

Using a basketball as an example, when I grab it my hand is inside of the ball. The ball in this case is so large that my head is inside as well. Is there a transform (or anything) that will make the attach point the outside surface of the ball? I tried an attach transform but so far no luck.

I’m using an XR Ray Interactor to grab it if that makes a difference.

I am not exactly sure what have you tried but I guess when you grab the ball the hand snaps to the attach transform. When the attach transform is in the middle of the ball, then the hand snaps into the middle of the ball. If you put the attach transform on the surface of the ball then it will snaps to the surface. It would would have strange snap effect though because the attach point is on specific position (lets say the balls north pole). If you would like to remove this snap and be able to grab the ball in the exact point where your hand is then you can simply move the attach point to the hand position when the hand starts colliding with the ball.

I tried placing it on the surface but as you point out it creates an odd effect. Clearly games have people grabbing basketballs and such do you think they are moving the attach point?

I was wondering if there was a way to define something that didn’t snap to the center of the ball that I was unaware of.

try changing collider size