Spin a wheel realistically like spinning a Wheel of Fortune.

Is there a guide/tutorial/code somewhere where I can learn how to make my 2D wheel spin realistically when I touch and drag it? (On the Z Rotation Axis)

Like, the speed of its spinning will depend on how fast I touch n’ dragged the wheel itself.

If I flick/rotate it very fast, the wheel would go spinning faster.

If I only moved it slowly, then it would barely spin at all. Just like what would happen if you spin a wheel like in Wheel of Fortune in real life.


No tutorial, but you can measure the distance and time from a touch. If you know those two you can find out the speed. Then you can use Quaternion to spin the wheel with the speed you found out.

I would use a HingeJoint2D. Add the component to your wheel and set its anchor to the center of it. You can then use any rigidbody dragging script you like to move it at the speed you want.

Take a look at this video tutorial for a clearer idea on how hinge joints work. If you do not have any rigidbody dragging code yet, maybe take a look at the sample assets, filed under “2D” in the Import Assets menu.

Just constrain the centre of the object with a joint and then use add torque. Problem solved.