Spin wheel once a day

Hey guys,

i recently implemented a wheel of fortune which spins and gives rewards just like it should.
But i want it only to spin once a day when the player touches the spin button.
At this state the player can spin it as often as he wants and get those rewards.
How can i implement that it can be only spun once a day?
I tried to save Date in PlayerPrefs etc. but everything failed?
Would appreciate if someone can help me with my problem. :slight_smile:

Don’t present it to the player until they have logged in - once in a 24 hour time period.

Puzzle and Dragons did something similar - but it was eggs you received from a (what’s it called) tamagotchi machine. The only time the player was granted access to the machine was when there was a token to spin the wheel. The tokens were earned every 24 hour period.

Kind of fun - to log into the game once or twice a week to receive 3-4 free tokens to get eggs to hatch a new character/monster.