Spine : Creating Spine SkeletonAnimation using c#script

I want to create a Spine SkeletonAnimation that uses C#script using Unity3D like this:

public void CreateCharacter()
	SkeletonAnimation playerAnim;
	SkeletonDataAsset playerData;
	AtlasAsset atlasdata;
	string name = "01_01_ani";

	atlasdata = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<AtlasAsset> ();
	playerData = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<SkeletonDataAsset> ();
	atlasdata.atlasFile = (TextAsset)Resources.Load (name + ".atlas");
	Material[] materials = new Material[1];
	materials [0] = new Material (Shader.Find ("Transparent/Diffuse"));
	Texture aa = (Texture)Resources.Load (name);
	materials [0].mainTexture = aa;
	atlasdata.materials = materials;
	playerData.atlasAsset = atlasdata;
	playerData.skeletonJSON = (TextAsset)Resources.Load (name + ".json");
	GameObject player = new GameObject();
	player.transform.localPosition = Vector3.zero;
	player.transform.localScale = new Vector3 (1f, 1f, 1f);

	playerAnim = (SkeletonAnimation)player.AddComponent ("SkeletonAnimation");
	playerAnim.skeletonDataAsset = playerData;
	playerAnim.calculateNormals = true;
	playerAnim.AnimationName = "running";
	playerAnim.loop = true;

But It brought on an error like this:

“Missing SkeletonData asset.”
“NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
“ArgumentException: Getting control 1’s position in a group with only 1 controls when doing Repaint

I would like to find out what the problem with this such method and would like to know how to create a Spine Skeleton Animation using C#script from Unity3D?
Is there any other way(other than the method I used)to create a Spine Skeleton Animation using C#script from Unity3D?

Thanks in advance.

add 27 line this

    // SkeletonDataAsset Reload.
    if (playerAnim.skeletonDataAsset != null) {
        if (playerAnim.skeletonDataAsset.atlasAsset != null)