Splash screen for mobile devices

I want to create splash screen for my game.
I have changes unity player setting for displaying my custom image but it didn’t show image in full screen mode.

If anybody has information regarding how to display full screen image? Then please provide me.

For solution of this problem, I read multiple posts and found that I have to create my Splash Scene for that purpose.
I am using following script for that purpose.


Yet I have not checked what is happen in actual project. But as per my consideration both splash screen appear
Unity’s Own and my Customised one.

So how to create illusion that only single splash is displaying on screen?
Please provide some suggestion in displaying splash screen.

in my project I use this and its perfect and full screen
create a scene and then a GUI texture
in inspector select your GUI texture (Your image)
then in transform scale all X,Y,Z to 1
and make this scene to scene 0 :wink:
and your done