Splash Screen Issue

I am currently developing an android app and having issues with the splash screen.
It is very simple and it varies depending on the device.
When I am using the Galaxy SII device, the splash screen starts normally but suddenly changes it’s scale. It looks very ugly.
The other device is the Galaxy 5 in this one the splash screen doesn’t rescale, but when it’s supposed to leave the splash screen, it’s like “pieces” of it stay on the screen and only disappear a few seconds later.
I’ve already tried messing and looking around but still have no idea what the problems could be… Does anyone have any idea? I just want a nice clean splash screen with a static image and that goes away after a few seconds. That is it!

Thank you very much!

Maybe you should dynamically resize the splash screen texture to the size of the screen as it loads, so it doesn’t appear to ‘jump’ to a new resolution? Tr something using the screen property.

How exactly have you implemented the splash screen? It may be a good idea to post the code, if you have it, so we can look through it.

My splash screen is a guiTextures with its scale(s) set to 1.