Splash screen not working

Hey guys. I have a simple yet frustrating problem. My splash screen is completely black. I am trying to show my studio name and have “Made with Unity” underneath it (Draw Mode: Unity Logo Below). The only clue I have is that when I choose the “All sequential” option, it has a black screen where my studio name should show and afterwards it will show “Made with Unity”.

I made a new project and got the splash screen working within one minute the way I want it. This is something that frustrates me beyond the limit xD.

I hope anyone can give me an answer or at least a clue, it would be greatly appreciated!

Ok, it seems to me that the phone disregards the first splash that should be shown because it is still loading up the application. When I choose a Loading Indicator in the “Resolution and Presentation” panel, it shows a loading circle in the corner of the screen. Once that loading circle is gone, all subsequent splash screens are shown. Meaning that all the splash screens that was supposed to be shown during the loading are now disregarded. How do we fix this?