Splash screen timer is too fast

When I build and run the project to a unity web player the splash screen doesn’t stay for the desired amount of time(5 seconds). I think this is because when unity player is loading the counter starts before the unity player is fully loaded.

Is there any way to start updating the timer after the unity player is loaded?

This code below is what I am currently using, it should wait for 5 seconds but in the web player it only stays for less than 1 second:

 var timer : float = 5;
 function Update () {
     timer -= Time.deltaTime;
     if (timer >= 0){
	     //Do Stuff

Should the >= not be <=?

Time at the start is 5.
5 is greater than or equal to 0 (ie timer >= 0).
So anything inside that if will trigger on first frame.

On a side note, I think you could just yield new WaitForSeconds(5f) in Start() and then do away with the update altogether. (JS syntax may be slightly different, not sure)

Does Time.time or Time.timeSinceLevelLoad provide you with any better results?

If so, then:

    var timer : float = 5;
    function Update() {
        if (Time.time < timer) {