Splash Screen Tools not showing

My project is missing most of the new Splash Screen tools. I included a screenshot. On the left is my project, and on the right is a brand new project (both using the same version of Unity (5.5.0b5)):

Once again, both of these screenshots are from the same version, 5.5.0b5. The only difference is, the left is my game, and the right is a brand new project.

I had a similar problem a little while ago, and I submitted a support ticket for it (834482). The problem was that any material or image I had created in 5.5.0b2 wasn’t being recognized correctly in 5.5.0b3 or later. The solution was to choose ‘Reimport All’. I’m wondering if this is a similar issue, and maybe because I edited the Splash Screen in 5.5.0b2, Unity isn’t recognizing that portion of my project correctly. Maybe I need to empty some cache or delete some files?

Here’s the screenshot again, I highlighted the section of Splash Tools that seems to be missing in my project:

I’m really looking forward to using the new Splash Screen tools with my project as soon as I can… as my game nears completion. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Check this :