Splat Maps merge.


How can I merge Splat Maps (SplatAlpha) into one. There currently are several of them and they take a lot of memory. Would be grateful for any help considering large scale terrain optimization.

Thank you in advance.

splatAlpha must contains one channel for each texture you use for painting terrain

it means if you have from 1 to 4 paint textures you’ll have one splatAlpha texture to store painting with from 1 to 4 channels used

for 5-8 paint textures you should use 2 splatAlpha textures - one with 4 channels used and one with 1-4 channels

for each 4 textures - 1 splatAlpha

so it is only one method to decrease splatAlpha textures usage - you should decrease paint textures quantity

also you can decrease resolution of splatAlpha textures in terrain settings