Split Animations problem

why is it that when i export my fbx from motionbuilder it runs smoothly without split animations
alt text

but when i split them into the ones i need and choose idle as default animation, it loses its weapon orientation.

alt text

i used motionbuilder for animating the fbx and i attached the weapon (sword) as a constraint, although its already baked into the skeleton or whatnot, i even deleted the constraint itself to see if it works.

If object has at least two keyframes, then it will be animated. My guess is that your weapon works without a split because Unity finds these keys, but once you split your animation the keys end up just in one animation and another animation is not affecting the weapon. Try baking our animation or making sure that it has some keys in both. 3dsMAx/Maya fbx exporters have special option (something like “Bake All keys”), which solves the problem. Not sure if MB provides same functionality.