"Split Application Binary" function problems

Our app Glurbs has been live on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for around a month. The first version was uploaded using a standard build in which the size of the app didn’t matter. However, we have now reached the stage where we would like to upload an update to the stores but the Google Play Store has a maximum APK size limit of 150 MB’s meaning our current build exceeds this capacity.

As a result, we have been trying to use the “Split Application Binary” function within unity to help us create an app bundle that is below the required size limit that Google Play allows for uploads. When we do this, we get a duplicate class error (see PDF file for full error log).

This error seems to state that there is a duplicate class between “AndroiX” and the “Jetified” Androidx files. We are almost certain that this error is to do with the Unity level play being installed within out project because once we delete the “andriodX” files or delete the “resolved libraries” using the mobile dependency resolver we get a successful build – however our ads stop working (which is one of our main monetization streams). A potential cause of the ads breaking is that there is a duplicate library, either within the IronSource SDK or the UnityAds SDK.

All the solutions we have tried so far have not worked.


What we have already tried to do:

  • We have tried to add and remove from the costume gradle files, which does not work.
  • We have deleted the ironsource sdk and the error still persists.
  • We have tried using older and new versions on the ironsource SDK and older and newer versions of the unity editor (of which, none have worked).
  • We have tested other solutions from the internet but are yet to find one that works.

What we need:

We need to be able to split the APK so we can create an App bundle that is also compatible with the ads and that allows us to upload our updated app to the Google Play Store.