[split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!libunity.so] SIGABRT error on Android 14 after adding monetisation

Hello Unity community,

I’ve encountered a persistent error in my Android game, particularly affecting users with Android 14. The error message in my Google Play Console crash reports reads:

“[split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!libunity.so] SIGABRT.”

This issue began occurring after I integrated monetisation features using the AppLovin manager and Firebase into my Unity project (version 2021.2.19f1)
Around 20% of my users are concerned by this crash so it’s significantly affecting my stats…

I’ve tried investigating potential causes, but haven’t been able to pinpoint a specific trigger.

this thread seems to have a similar issue: https://forum.unity.com/threads/crash-log-from-the-google-play.1507211/

I tested every settings recommended but nothing worked so I tried to upgrade to unity 2023.1.17f1 but I spent the last 5 days trying to make an android studio build without success (so many different errors…)

Has anyone else experienced this error or have any insights into what might be causing it?

Any suggestions on how to debug or resolve this issue would be appreciated. Thank you.

Here is the stack trace:

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
pid: 0, tid: 25443 >>> com.CyberCats.AstroAmmo <<<

  #00  pc 0x000000000005b730  /apex/com.android.runtime/lib64/bionic/libc.so (abort+168)
  #01  pc 0x0000000000771ae0  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art::Runtime::Abort(char const*)+904)
  #02  pc 0x00000000000357d0  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libbase.so (android::base::SetAborter(std::__1::function<void (char const*)>&&)::$_0::__invoke(char const*)+80)
  #03  pc 0x0000000000034d58  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libbase.so (android::base::LogMessage::~LogMessage()+352)
  #04  pc 0x000000000025ae28  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art::ClassLinker::FindClass(art::Thread*, char const*, art::Handle<art::mirror::ClassLoader>)+8988)
  #05  pc 0x0000000000554ce0  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art::JNI<false>::FindClass(_JNIEnv*, char const*)+696)
  #06  pc 0x0000000000361d1c  /data/app/~~jlNVfp2RijrESVnAZv08NA==/com.CyberCats.AstroAmmo-WRkkRbuvN76nmfarZA4NrQ==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!libunity.so (BuildId: 3673e03ba45c0b89edff6e71dd9050b625444604)
  #07  pc 0x0000000000375b0c  /data/app/~~jlNVfp2RijrESVnAZv08NA==/com.CyberCats.AstroAmmo-WRkkRbuvN76nmfarZA4NrQ==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!libunity.so (BuildId: 3673e03ba45c0b89edff6e71dd9050b625444604)
  #08  pc 0x0000000000355630  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art_quick_generic_jni_trampoline+144)
  #09  pc 0x00000000005bb730  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (nterp_helper+4016)
  #10  pc 0x00000000016eaba8  /data/app/~~jlNVfp2RijrESVnAZv08NA==/com.CyberCats.AstroAmmo-WRkkRbuvN76nmfarZA4NrQ==/oat/arm64/base.vdex (com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer.access$300)
  #11  pc 0x000000000200483c  /memfd:jit-cache (com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer$e$1.handleMessage+460)
  #12  pc 0x00000000009b5e3c  /data/misc/apexdata/com.android.art/dalvik-cache/arm64/boot.oat (android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage+124)
  #13  pc 0x00000000009b98b4  /data/misc/apexdata/com.android.art/dalvik-cache/arm64/boot.oat (android.os.Looper.loopOnce+980)
  #14  pc 0x00000000009b9444  /data/misc/apexdata/com.android.art/dalvik-cache/arm64/boot.oat (android.os.Looper.loop+916)
  #15  pc 0x00000000005ba818  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (nterp_helper+152)
  #16  pc 0x00000000016ea3c8  /data/app/~~jlNVfp2RijrESVnAZv08NA==/com.CyberCats.AstroAmmo-WRkkRbuvN76nmfarZA4NrQ==/oat/arm64/base.vdex (com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer$e.run+40)
  #17  pc 0x000000000033eba4  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art_quick_invoke_stub+612)
  #18  pc 0x000000000023a9ac  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art::ArtMethod::Invoke(art::Thread*, unsigned int*, unsigned int, art::JValue*, char const*)+144)
  #19  pc 0x000000000053b98c  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art::Thread::CreateCallback(void*)+1600)
  #20  pc 0x000000000053b33c  /apex/com.android.art/lib64/libart.so (art::Thread::CreateCallbackWithUffdGc(void*)+8)
  #21  pc 0x00000000000c37b4  /apex/com.android.runtime/lib64/bionic/libc.so (__pthread_start(void*)+208)
  #22  pc 0x000000000005d084  /apex/com.android.runtime/lib64/bionic/libc.so (__start_thread+68)

Hello Unity community,

I managed to solve this issue but i’m not sure how so here are the things I did:

  • Upgrade unity to 2022.3.24f1 (I didn’t downgrade from 2023 to 2022, I did a full git checkout to go back to 2021 before upgrading)

  • Remove the Firebase folder from Assets and completely reimport a new version (11.8.1)

  • Delete the android solved library and force resolve (Top corner: AssetsExternal dependency managerAndroid resolver)

  • Uncheck the auto graphic API option in player settings and place OpenGL before Vulkan

So after these fixes I went from 400 players with errors and around 1300 error events to 0
If you try this and it still doesn’t work don’t hesitate to tell me I’d share my settings and more if needed