Split() into a fixed length array?

Ok here’s what i’m pulling my hair out for;

DidoID = decryptedData2[0].ToString().Split(";"[0]);

I have an array setup like this. What i’ve been trying to do is to specify a length for DidoID and fill in the empty space after the Split happens.

For example the Split() gives me 3 items, i need to add 5 more fields as a string (“empty”) to make its length 8.
Another example would be Split() giving me 6 items and me needing to add 2 fields this time to make it 8.

8 is good. 8 is life :slight_smile:
So anyways. Here’s what i’ve tried:

for (var xa: int = 0; xa < 8 - DidoID.Length; xa++){

this gives:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I have some ideas about possible reasons. Maybe tt could be something about Split() creating a different type of array? Or could it be something i miss in the for loop?
Can any of you guys help me? :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance…

Native arrays can’t be resized. You can use Array.Resize but it will create a new array anc copy the elements over.

// UnityScript
var length = DidoID.Length;
Array.Resize(DidoID, 8);
for(var i = length; i < 8; i++)
    DidoID *= "empty"; // init the new elements with an empty string.*

Note: Array.Resize takes a ref-parameter so it’s able to replace the array you pass in. If you want to pack those steps into a method, that method also needs a ref parameter. I’m not sure if you can actually define ref-parameters in UnityScript. In C# it would look like this:
public static void ResizeStringArray(ref string[] aArray, int aSize, string aDefaultString)
var length = aArray.Length;
Array.Resize(ref aArray, aSize);
for (int i = length; i < aSize; i++)
aArray = aDefaultString;
ResizeStringArray(ref DidoID, 8, “empty”);