Split screen on pc.

Can anyone help, I want to be able to split the screen and then use two mice for two different players. I know this is possible with game controllers, but will it be possible on Windows, Linux and Mac without editing the mouse drivers?

I looked into this a few years ago for a local multiplayer game installation (4 player, 4 mice) and the answer then was “it’s possible but difficult”. I’d be almost certain you won’t get Win/Linux/Mac support out-of-the-box - it’s easy to plug in multiple mice, but a delta input in any of them is interpreted as the same single “mouse” input - the Windows OS only supports one cursor, for example.

From memory, I got a half-working solution using GlovePIE. There’s now a newer product that looks interesting called PluralInput. But if this is a game for general release I don’t know how you’d package that functionality up with your game.