Split screen view help

I am trying to get something like this effect using two cameras. 175494-unity.png

I tried screwing around with the viewports, but they just end up rendering the same scene twice. Is there a way to get an effect where the two camera’s views can be split and summed up to form one whole picture? I have no idea what this effect is called.

Have you solved the problem? I’m facing a similar problem

Hey dude. Figured it out how to do it for me.

Copy the second script from here -

In the code you may want to edit this line in LateUpdate()-
Camera cam = Camera.main;

Remove it and add script to both cameras. Then add public Camera cam and then assign your top and bottom camera over there.
Then you probably want to play with the top and bottom values.

You’ll need both cameras in split screen view (viewport rect) before you do this.