split screen with xbox 360 controller and mouse and keyboard

I’m making a fps split screen game in unity 5 with one character controlled with mouse and keyboard and the other one controlled with the controller.
if i disable one of the two characters the other one works fine, i can move around, jump, move the camera, and all the funcion of the firstPersonController work fine (audio, head bobble ect)
if i enable both of them the game messes up and the two controls of the camera goes in conflict with each other, and the funcion of the firstPersonController too.
i mapped the controls and i modified the first person controller script by myself and if took alone they work, what can i do to make them work togheter?
sorry for the long question and for my bad english, not my native language

You say you’ve mapped the controls. Does this mean you’ve gone into Edit → Project Setting → Input and changed the names, as well as the values for the inputs?

Also, you say you’ve written a controller script. In the script, are you getting input from each device correctly, using the corresponding inputs you’ve mapped?

Of course this is all without seeing what you’ve done exactly.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: