Split screen without two cameras in 2D versus game?

I’m working on this 1V1 local multiplayer game where food falls out of the sky and both opponents try to get the worst breath by catching the food.
I’ve been looking up how to deal with this and most people use 2 cameras, however, I was wondering if it would be easier to use one camera and just limit the movement of each player to their side of the field?

This is a rough sketch of what the game would look like:44866-concept1small.png

Is there any reason why one option is better than the other or doesn’t it matter?

And how do I deal with difference in screen resolutions on different pcs?

Having two cameras is an easy way to cleanly cut-off anything between screens. For example, a floating +1 for player1 could drift completely off the right side (which is the shared border,) never appearing for player2. Of course, you can still have “overlapping” stuff with two cams (by using a 3rd.)