splitscreen fps input

hi unity peeps, I’ve been trying to create a local split screen multiplayer fps in unity and I am having trouble with setting up the player controls, I have the player prefabs set up but I need a controller script for each player, anyone know how to set up separate controls for each player, I’m going to use doom style controls with a fixed aiming angle ?


you could do an if statement stating if you are player 1, then use player 1 controls, and if you are player 2, use player 2 controls. Make sure to set up different inputs in unity for player 1 and 2, so for example in input settings, use movePlayer1 as player 1 movement, and movePlayer2 as player 2 movement button. It would look sort of like this (c#):

public bool player1;
public bool player2;

// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {

	if (player1) 
		if (Input.GetButton ("moveForwardPlayer1"))
			//move player 1

		if(Input.GetButton ("moveForwardPlayer2"))
			//move player 2